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Micro Hydro

Hydropower is simple. Moving water turns a turbine, the turbine spins a generator and electricity is produced. Other components may be in the system, but it begins with the energy already within the moving water.  

Why Choose GTRE

Our Work

GTRE is PowerSpout's southeastern regional dealer and we ship to many states for self-installers;

we also offer complete installed micro hydro power solutions in Northeast Tennessee. 

Resources from PowerSpout


PowerSpout Advanced

These calculators will help you determine if your site is capable of generating power. Take some time to review the system design and calculator manual.


PowerSpout Start Guide

If you have access to a source of water that descends in height across your property, you may be able to use it to charge batteries, reduce your electricity bills or pump water. This file contains videos, manuals, and resources you can download. 


Professional Advice from PowerSpout Experts

PowerSpout has done what no other micro hydro company has done. They created a comprehensive collection of documents that cover all aspects of our products and also how they integrate with a renewable energy system. And it's all free!

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Introducing the Powerspout
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Introducing the Powerspout

Video Turgo Promo
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Video Turgo Promo

PowerSpout LH (Low Head)
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PowerSpout LH (Low Head)


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