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Wind Turbines

Bergey Wind Power and Bornay builds reliable, high performance residential wind turbines to deliver clean energy to cut your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Bornay and Bergey’s technology gives you more options, too – including an affordable way to make even more energy by adding solar panels. 

Why Choose GTRE



Wind Power for the Home

Turbine systems connect to your household wiring, just like a large appliance. The system works cooperatively with your utility power. Often you will be getting some power from both the wind turbine and the power company. If there is no wind during a time period, the power company supplies your power.


Is my site optimal for wind power?

We start by measuring the annual wind speeds of a potential site and the prevailing directions of the wind. We analyze obstacles, such as trees, houses, etc. which can diminish wind speeds.  The optimal site would be on top of the windy side of a hill, upwind of any obstructions, and 30 ft above anything within 300 ft.


Can I install a turbine on my own?

Installing your own wind turbine system can be complicated and time-consuming. We provide professional installation services, from securing the necessary permits to ensuring your turbine is set up safely and efficiently. Trust us to provide complete and reliable services for all your wind energy needs.

Wind Turbines

- Residential Clean Energy Credit  -

30% Tax Credit

on new residential renewable energy systems

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