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Preparing for
Potential Power Outage

Being prepared for bad weather where the power might be out will make all the difference.

Day(s) Before a Storm

  • Do high-energy usage chores like laundry and washing dishes in dishwasher

  • Charge up an EV

  • Prepare some premade meals

  • Make sure you have supplies to run alternative heat sources like a wood stove or gas fireplace

During a Storm

  • Turn off and don’t use any unnecessary energy-using items. This includes things that are in “sleep mode”. These actions will save any energy you have in battery backup for essential needs if the power goes off.

TVs • Computers • Microwaves • Electric Stoves • Lights • Washer/Dryer • Dishwashers • EV Charger

  • While the grid is up, make sure Weather Guard is on or manually set your battery to 100%.

When the Power Goes Out

  • Be “energy frugal”. During your installation, we identified the most important functions in your home. These are Critical Loads i.e. fridge, freezer, a couple of outlets, etc. To ensure those continue to run, here are some tips.

  • If you have an outlet that runs a Critical Load item (such as a computer), don’t plug in another device such as a hair dryer or space heater to run that appliance. The system was designed to run a lower energy-consuming device and this will deplete your battery faster.

  • Look at the Solar Edge app to see how much energy you are using. See what you can turn off to save battery power.

  • Look for alternative ways to do things such as making coffee. Use instant coffee or a french press.

  • Do not use space heaters. Use an electric blanket instead

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