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Free Estimates

If you're intrigued by the prospect of utilizing solar energy for your home or business, you're probably interested in understanding the costs and benefits involved. This is where a tailored quote from GTRE will provide you with much more than just a dollar amount.


Our detailed quotes provide you with:

  • Aerial view of the panels on your roof

  • Financing and cash options

  • Potential tax credits

  • Materials list

  • Estimated yearly savings on your electrical bill

  • And more

Your information is safe with us. Our practices are designed to protect your privacy and foster a trustworthy relationship. Rest assured, we will never engage in selling, sharing, spamming, or any unauthorized use of your data. 

You must own this property to receive an estimate and/or have a system installed.

We currently only install in Tennessee, within 50 miles of Johnson City.


What is your budget for a solar system?
What do you want to achieve with a solar system?
Do you want to have solar battery backup?
If Living Off Grid, Please Select All Appliances. We will contact you directly to find out the wattage on each of these and how many hours a day each will run.

Thank you!

We will be in touch soon!

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