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How Much Energy Does This Use?

Ever wondered how much power your daily essentials really consume? Get ready to discover the energy consumption of common household items. From your trusty fridge to the gadgets you can't live without, we'll unveil the numbers behind your electricity bill and how they can impact your solar system.

-        An average hair dryer uses 1800 watts.

That’s 1.8 kW when you look at your solar

system app.

-        An average microwave uses 1000 watts or 1.0 kW

-        An electric stove can use between 2000 and 5000 watts or 2 to 5 kW

-        A small space heater uses 1500 watts or 1.5kW

-        A treadmill uses 700 watts or .7 kW

-        An EV charger uses 7500 watts or 7.5kW

-        A phone charger uses 5 watts or .05kW

-        A wifi router uses 15 watts.15 kW

-        A computer uses 70 watts .7 kW

-        A standard light bulb uses 60 watts .6 kW

-        An LED light bulb uses 10 watts or .01 kW

-        A water heater uses 4500 to 9000 watts or 4.5 to 9 kW

-        An average coffee maker uses 1500 watts or 1.5 kW

-        An electric blanket uses 150 to 300 watts .15 to .3 kW


Taking a shower, using a hair dryer, then making breakfast on the electric stove and making coffee will use 10,000 watts or 10 kW. When the grid is down and you are living on your solar system and battery back-up, you can see that how using several of these items can quickly use up any battery back-up you have stored.


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